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Bulletin #39a

Bulletin #39 – Holiday Basket!!!

Hi to All,

We are approaching the Holidays of sharing and giving. I would like to invite you
to please jump into the giving spirit. There are so many people that  are not as
privileged as we are, going through very difficult times and we can make a difference.
As we did last season we would like to organize a Holiday Basket to offer to the
Calgary Women Shelter and the Mustard seed Program.

This project will start on Dec. 1st and end on Dec. 20th at 8:30pm. Please bring the
items to the office (no packing needed) there will be a box assigned for our Holiday
Basket. We will be needing 2 or 3 women to help with the closing of the boxes and
delivery on the 21st in the morning.

To make a balanced Basket I suggest that each group helps out with a certain kind
of donation:

FUNdamentals: Children gifts (Toys, Books, Art supplies, new clothing, etc)
L2T B: Mom gifts ( Clothe, books, make-up, etc…)
L2T A: Linen (hand towels, blankets, etc…)
T2T B: Hygiene items for Mom and Kids (tooth brush, diapers, deodorant, shampoo,
ladies towels,  body/face/hand creams, soap, etc…)
T2T A: Breakfast/Lunch/Supper non perishable items in boxes/packages.
Juniors: Cleaning products (Laundry soap, toilet paper, Lysol, towels, sponges, etc…)
Adults 1-2: Breakfast/Lunch/Supper non perishable items in cans/jars
Adult 3-4/non coaching: Men clothing (long underwear, socks, gloves, mittens, scarfs, hats, etc…)
Coaches and High Performance: Healthy snacks and drinks (juice, granola bars,…)

We are a big family and as such we can really help other families.
I hope you all participate and we make this a real season to give!!!

Thank you!


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